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As a passionate business owner, you want to ensure that your professional network is secured and protected from unauthorized access. Network Security is your ally in increasing cybersecurity, establishing a stable and efficient network security system and ensuring sensitive client data is in the right hands through safely moving to the cloud.

Network security is vital to your business partnerships as a secure network reduces the risk of data loss, theft and a damaged reputation. Why should you secure your professional cyber network with us?

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We tailor our IT security solutions to your specific business needs.
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As the use of technology increases, so does the need for IT security services. While new and innovative pursuits can vastly improve our quality of life, the threat of cyber attacks can hinder people from diving straight into the deep end of the technology pool. We protect your sensitive data, help your company succeed and safeguard your business against potential cyber threats. Network Security reduces the risk for data breaches and increases your chances of maintaining a positive industry reputation in Toronto and the GTA.

We protect your business against cybercriminals through the following solutions:

We are your IT department that finds and controls data breaches fast. You can rely on our strong network systems and strategies to protect your business with solution financing, network assessment and design and ongoing support, backup and disaster recovery and managed services. 

What are Good Cybersecurity Practices?

Data Encryption

Having data encrypted both at rest and in transit will limit the interaction with unwanted visitors.

Updated Upgrades

Frequent updates will protect your online tools that are vulnerable to hacking. Updates deter from ‘holes’ in your network that can grant hackers access to your personal data.

VPNs and Firewalls

Virtual Private Networks drastically increase your chances of your small business remaining secure. By adding an extra layer of security to your network, the chances of security breaches diminish.

Cloud Security

Installing a reliable cloud infrastructure will help your small business maintain lower upfront costs, increase network reliability and decrease administrative financial burdens.

Network Security

Using a strong password and changing it periodically can deter a majority of hackers. Ensure that it’s secured properly when it is initially set up to prevent unwanted changes to your network by intruders.

Data Backups

Your small business relies on its data. Backing up your classified business information on a separate method will ensure that your data will not be stolen.

Appropriate Employee Training

Your business can succeed or fail at the hands of your employees. A majority of the time, cybersecurity breaches happen due to the lack of training that fails to educate employees on secure cybersecurity practices. Guiding your employees to choose detailed passwords, remain professional and private when a third party asks them about business data and teaching them about common schemes can decrease your chances of leaked information and hacking.

The only chances you should be taking are the ones that can boost your business to the top.

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